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Companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially

The research agrees - employing a diverse workforce is better for performance, culture and innovation. A 2015 McKinsey report found that more diverse companies were better able to win top talent and improve their depth of customer insight, employee satisfaction and decisions making - which all led to financial gains.

With almost 50% of New Zealand's working population over 45 years old and unemployment at a record low of 3.9%, utilising our entire workforce is essential to fill skill gaps.  We need to look to prime candidates for our talent pipelines.

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How We Deliver

Wise Ones is the only dedicated job board focused on connecting candidates in their prime with employers interested in finding proven and qualified talent. We partner with small companies, large multinationals, through to Not for Profit who want the proven talent that aligns with your organisation and values.

Use our targeted job board to place an advert, search our candidate profiles, and create an Employer Profile to showcase your employer brand and the benefits that your organisation has to offer.  Then we promote us and you - via our highly engaged social media presence, print, radio and television coverage.​

Whatever your employment terms are: full or part-time to seize the reins or a contract resource for the ebb and flow of projects, Wise Ones allows you to engage with the skilled workforce.

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