10 ways to work out at Work

Staying physically active is just as important in our later years as it was in our younger years! But we at Wise Ones know how difficult it can be to fit it all into a busy work schedule. Here are our top ten ways you can get your work done and be active at the same time.

1. Change up your commute

If you can bike, walk or even run to work, this is an excellent way to make sure you get your 60 minutes of exercise a day – and you’ll arrive to work feeling fresh and energised, with all those lovely endorphins to keep you powered up through the morning. Of course, not everyone lives close enough to power through the whole distance, but you could always get off the train a stop or two early or park your car a kilometre away. Try a few different things and see what works for you.

2. Take the stairs

We all know we should be taking the stairs instead of the elevator, but at 9am the decision isn’t always so simple. The trick is making it a habit, so that one day you’ll notice that your feet take you straight past the elevator as soon as you walk into the building. Start by taking the stairs for at least a floor or two. Once that gets easier, add a floor at a time until you wouldn’t dream of stuffing yourself into that cramped and awkward elevator ever again.

3. Wear comfortable clothes

Taking the stairs looks a lot less appealing when you’re in towering high heels or a stiff suit. Studies have shown that when you wear comfortable clothes and shoes to work you are more likely to be active. Even if your work dress code is fairly formal, chances are there are ways you can work around this. Invest in a great pair of flats with arch support, choose a chunkier heel that’s easier to walk in, or find a suit made from breathable fabric.

4. Volunteer for the coffee run

Exercise your body as well as your workplace karma at the same time by leaving the office and collecting the team’s coffee, teas and smoothies yourself. You could even challenge yourself to try a new place each day for a week, instead of always going for the closest option. Taking on this mission with a few colleagues is a great way to take a quick break, socialise and fit in some more physical activity.

5. Have standing or walking meetings

We all have those meetings that seem to go on for hours, but could really be done and dusted within 15 minutes. Try organising a standing meeting – studies show that this can be a good way to increase efficiency and keep energies high by getting everyone’s blood pumping.

For smaller groups or one-on-ones, a walking meeting can be a great way to get things done. The change of scenery can also go a long way to encouraging more creativity and open-minded conversation.

6. Count your steps

There’s a reason everyone is wearing those fancy new wrist watches! Invest in an activity tracker and find out how many steps you do in a normal day, then set yourself a goal to improve on that number every day. Tracking your activity and setting accomplishable goals help to keep you motivated in your quest for physical fitness.

7. Find good excuses

Use every opportunity you have to get up from your desk. Instead of emailing your colleague across the room, walk over to their desk and chat with them face to face. Waiting for the photocopier, or the microwave, or for those pesky co-workers to vacate the meeting room you’ve booked? Take a stroll around the office, or even do some stretches, squats or lunges.

8. Schedule moving breaks

Set an alarm to remind you to take a break – then get up and go for a short walk around the building, or up and down the stairs. Not only will this remind you to keep moving, it will help clear your head and you go back to whatever you were doing feeling refreshed.

9. Utilise your lunchtime

Having a break during the day isn’t just beneficial for your mental health, it’s also a great opportunity to get active. Instead of eating at your desk or sitting down in the kitchen area for your whole lunch break, get up and move for at least part of your allotted time. Go outside for a walk and enjoy some fresh air. If you’re feeling up to it, you could even jog up and down the stairs, or sneak away for a quick gym session.

10. Change up your working space

Ditch your desk chair and sit on an exercise ball instead. During conference calls, stand up and pace, or stay seated and do leg lifts, knee lifts, and toe curls. If you’re feeling adventurous, keep a weight under your desk for bicep curls. You’d be surprised how simple things like a paper weight can help get your blood pumping.


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