Is this it?

Over the last 25+ years of being in recruitment, I have met a large number of people in their late 40's who start to wonder if they are capable of getting another role or have a change of career at this stage in their lives. Is this it?

It's not until you sit down and make a list of all the things you have done that you'll realise you have quite a bit of experience to add to any business. This process can sometimes be difficult to do as we are not all objective enough to realise that we have more transferrable skills at this age than we think.

I see the 45-year plus candidate as someone who is in their prime - who has lived life, experienced the ups and downs and knows how to cope with business demands. These are the candidates that are invaluable to organisations. 

In order for most people to assess what is next and have the confidence knowing that this isn't it, you really need to sit with someone who has the business acumen to be able to pull your qualities apart, ask the right questions and be able to go through your working history and personal qualities and point you in the right direction. Who are these people? You can start with a qualified Career Professional or a Senior Recruitment Consultant who understands your background and you. These professionals will be able to objectively add value to the process you are going through and then be able to guide you through this next career change.

We are all living longer. Working and being part of the workforce has a number of benefit’s and it's important for all of us to keep growing and learning. Even the smallest change in a role can make a difference in how you feel and are valued. I would always encourage a person to be vocal about wanting to progress and change. Work alongside your HR Team and ask what potential you have to be able to move into other areas of the company or move up. It may be attending a course, broadening a skillset you already have or learning something completely new. These are all positives, as when it’s time for you to move, your skills will be current and you'll be seen as someone who wants to learn and move with the times.


Another often asked question is: "if I take on a new career path, does this mean I'm going to need to take a pay cut?" This does depend on how radical a change you are planning to make. It's also a hard question to answer. There are so many variables! To be honest you won't know until you have reviewed this potential next phase in your life and then you can weigh up the pros and cons. 

The one thing I do recommend is not to stay in a role "just because". If you have even a small desire to better yourself or to make a change, look into it. It is a big cliché, but you do only live once!