Advantages of using a job board dedicated to you!

Changing jobs is difficult.

First you need to find a role that interests you. Then you take the time to update your CV, write a tailored cover letter detailing your experience and finally click apply. Hopefully, after a week or two, you get through to phone screen stage - where the recruiter calls you to discuss your background in more detail.


You try to make the best impression and sell your transferable skills and years of experience, over the phone. Hopefully you manage to connect with the recruiter and they decide that you are a good “fit” to be considered for the role. If the stars align, then you may be invited to a first interview. However the person interviewing you is rarely the same person that phone screened you.  So you can only guess what information has been passed along and therefore what biases may have already been formed.


If the interviewer feels that you don’t “fit” the role, then you will probably be told you were unsuccessful following the phone screen. Why you ask? It could be any number of reasons. The role is not suited to your background. You are too qualified. Or under qualified. You may have been perceived as hard to manage or inflexible. Maybe your IT knowledge seemed out of date. Or your salary was outside the range budgeted for the role. Maybe they doubt if you will be a good “fit” for the culture.


So how can you avoid this discrimination? The only guaranteed way to avoid age discrimination is by using a job board dedicated to older candidates! Wise Ones has been created to fill a gap in the NZ market. There are other job boards operating in NZ like Seek or Trade Me Jobs, however only Wise Ones is dedicated to candidates 45 years and above. Wise Ones is free for candidates, easy to use and designed specifically to connect you with Employers who want mature, experienced candidates. We also regularly update our site with relevant information that you may find useful – including blogs on how to write a CV, tailor a cover letter, prepare for an interview, and keep on top of new technology trends.


Wise Ones have actively sourced Employers who are aiming to attract, support and retain older workers. Each Employer on Wise Ones offers an inclusive organisation and many have specific benefits that may suit mature candidates (like flexible working, phased retirement, additional paid leave, or ongoing training and development). These Employers are looking for the best candidate for every role & don’t discriminate on the grounds of age.


On Wise Ones you will find roles from clients located across NZ – part-time, full-time, contract, temp and volunteer positions. If you would like to stand out from the crowd; have the reassurance that you won’t be discounted at the application stage because you have “20+ years of experience”; and join an Organisation that is passionate about looking after their staff -  then register with Wise Ones today! Click here to register.


Let Wise Ones help you find your next job!