Working here

Kiwis are renowned for telling it like it is. We call a spade a spade, and a bank purpose-built for Kiwis, well, we call it Kiwibank. We think it makes perfect sense, and it seems plenty of other people do too. Because since we set up shop in 2002, more than 850,000 customers have come on board with us and we've grown from a team of seven to over a thousand strong.

From the outset we wanted to create a different kind of bank - one that provides Kiwis with a real bang for their buck, that has Kiwi values at heart, and that keeps Kiwi money where it belongs right here, in New Zealand.

We've done it, but that doesn't mean we're about to call it a day. We've got big plans and a bright future, which we'd love to include you in. So what do you say - keen to join the team and help us change the game some more?

Our Traits

  • Great
  • Gutsy
  • Side by side

Join our team

Kiwibankers are made of something special, a unique DNA that makes this bank extraordinary. We're very proud of our Kiwibankers, we're a diverse group of smart, savvy, passionate Kiwis representing the melting pot of our exceptional country.  It doesn't matter which part of the country we call home, the title of our job, or the hours we work, we're all contributing to making Kiwi's better off, and we're all aligned in our values. We're not into thousands of prescriptive values but are clear about what makes up the DNA of Kiwibank. Our DNA boils down to three simple traits - Great, Gutsy, and Side by Side. In short, we do good for Kiwis, we back ourselves, and we're a team. Our DNA reminds us who we are, what we stand for and, most importantly, how we behave every day – when we talk to our customers, make a decision, attend a meeting, or make a mad dash to the kitchen for the third cup of coffee for the day.

Benefits of working for us

  • Staff discounts on banking products
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  •  KiwiSaver
  • Volunteer Day
  • Parental Leave Assistance
  • Safety and Wellbeing 
  • Discounted Southern Cross
  • Study Assistance
  • Payroll Giving Scheme

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