About Us

We’re an independent charitable trust that provides support for children, young people and adults with disabilities, and their whanau.

We believe in providing person-directed support and options that focus on individual needs.

We support people to identify their personal goals and aspirations. These are developed into a personalised and achievable ‘My Life’ plan, which supports people to achieve their immediate and lifelong objectives.

Our philosophy

We see the sunflower as representing the people we support and show this relationship by incorporating the sunflower into our logo.

Turning its head to track the sun across the sky, the sunflower stands tall and proud.

Sunflowers can reach great heights, but may require support to achieve their full potential. Similarly, we endeavour to provide person-centred, person-directed support to assist people to ‘live a great life’.

A fully ‘person-centred’ approach (embodied by our ‘Outcomes’ philosophy) involves a shared vision of fostering the person’s unique strengths and potential.

The full bloom is achieved when staff, family and the broader community work together to support the individual outcomes sought by the person.

The developmental stages of a sunflower represent the person’s life progression, and also reflects the evolution of disability support over the past three decades – from institutional care to group residential support and, most recently, to supported independent living.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is:

 ‘Realising possibilities’

‘Whakatinana ana i nga wawata’

  • We believe in lives of choice
  • We believe in inclusive communities
  • We believe in daring to dream

Our values

  • Empowering informed decision-making
  • Being a trusted partner
  • Building connections to communities of choice
  • Facilitating solutions for people and their whanau

Our approach

Right voice

  • Growing the voice of people and their whanau

Right support

  • Partnering with people, whanau and stakeholders in developing solutions

Right people

  • Creating career pathways and valued roles

Right focus

  • Embedding a customer-centric model into the DNA of the organisation

Right path

  • Achieving sustainable, long-term prosperity


We are based in the following locations around New Zealand:

  • Auckland
  • Hamilton
  • Tauranga
  • Whangarei
  • Wellington

Staff Benefits

  • Working for a Not for profit
  • Training and Development opportunities
  • Attractive hourly rate
  • Varied work locations throughout the above regions

Meet the Team

Executive team: https://www.spectrumcare.org.nz/about/meet-our-executive-team/

Service Delivery Team: https://www.spectrumcare.org.nz/about/meet-our-service-delivery-team/

About Spectrum Care: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwbfvzVuRFQ