Exercise Group Leader

Location: Blenheim
Job Type: Volunteer
Specialisation: Sport & Recreation

Lead the Parkinson's exercise group on the last Wednesday of the month.

Classes are run every Wednesday from 11am - 12 noon. This exercise group is attended by 18 to 26 people living with Parkinson's or Multiple Sclerosis. 

Exercises include seated movement, speech exercises, stretches, and exercises to improve and maintain balance and coordination. An exercise program has already been developed but there is room for flexibility and adding more exercises. Other volunteers are on hand to help and support the leader and assist attendees as they need it.

Volunteers should be enthusiastic, reasonably able-bodied, and stable on their feet.

Volunteers of any age are welcome to apply; rather than age, applicants will be considered based on their maturity and ability to relate to class attendees.