Incident Management Team

Location: Blenheim
Job Type: Volunteer
Specialisation: Community Services and Development
Join the amazing Incident Management Team at Civil Defence Marlborough to support your community in a crisis. Civil Defence provides a front-line response when it’s needed, and volunteers are a key part of this!
Civil Defence volunteers work as a team at all times for support and safety.
Equipment and any specialist clothing items (incl. Personal Protection Equipment) that are required will be provided.
Full training is provided in two parts: an induction course for new team members, as well as monthly training sessions to keep knowledge and skills up to date. These monthly training sessions are 2 hours long.
Ideally, Incident Management Team members will commit to serving for at least one year. However, there is some flexibility about this… we would still like to hear from you!
People interested in joining the Incident Management Team will need to be 17 or over.
A criminal record check may be required
Volunteers are an integral part of Civil Defence, enabling CD to better respond to an emergency. All volunteer contributions are valued greatly!