Motorsports Fan

Location: Hamilton
Job Type: Volunteer
Specialisation: Sport & Recreation
Reference: 1087

We have a man with an intellectual disability who would like to have a friend to share his keen interest in motorsports and who would be able to take him out to motorsports occasionally. He is hoping that his new friend will enjoy just being a mate to him - that they can hang out together and also go for walks, go to the movies and do some computer stuff. Having someone to share his love of motorsports would be the - icing on the cake.


  • No experience with intellectual disability is needed though it is essential that people have the willingness to learn, be patient, the ability to be kind and compassionate towards others, able to relate to a different group of people, be a good listener and be able to show maturity.
  • Applicant needs to be at least 17 years old to be suitable for this role.
  • Someone who is warm hearted, caring, has a good sense of humour and is patient.
  • A Police background check is required for this role. 

Time commitment:

  • This role is very flexible so it fits in well, if you work or already have a busy life. While there is flexibility you need to be able to volunteer at least once every fortnight and be able to commit to at least six months to a year.